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四川博古阁拍卖有限公司精品推荐,向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品的价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。 Sichuan Boguge Auction Co., Ltd. recommend fine works, recommend art treasures sel


Sichuan Boguge Auction Co., Ltd. recommend fine works, recommend art treasures selected by experts of national first-level appraisal to buyers, make a bridge for Tibetans, let the value of hundreds of art treasures be excavated and valued, and get high-priced transaction in the auction.




【Name】Long Teng Sheng Shi Da Ji Zun

【Specification】58 cm high and 8705 g heavy




Benefiting the world is the lifelong dream of emperors of all dynasties. Guan Yongzheng imperial system "Long Teng Sheng Shi Da Jizun": Red bat red longevity white crane flying in the sky, apartment: Hongfu Qitian, longevity crane extension. Add gold to the red, embody: splendor, wealth, auspiciousness and auspiciousness. The five-clawed giant golden dragon, the mighty red unicorn and the flying red bat are all highlighted by the porcelain carving pattern, which implies that the emperor is in the world, acting for the heavenly way; banning the line, and Hong Fu falls from heaven. The three red unicorns symbolizing benevolence, the town of evil and the promotion of wealth, with their golden tongues as their feet, large discs on their heads, and fat gourds on their heads, are the guarantees of fortune and fortune: governing the country with benevolence, governing the country with the elimination of evil, and enriching the nation and power. In the middle of the bottle, Jinlong held his head high and flew into the blue sky. Red bats and white cranes followed him in succession, with all kinds of shapes and colorful clouds. It was Emperor Yongzheng who led the subjects and people of the world to show their talents and do their best to create a prosperous era of peace. Apartment: Happy life comes from the concerted efforts of the monarch, ministers and the people. The pattern and color of the whole instrument express: the prosperity of Longteng, the crowing of bats and cranes, the good fortune of the world and the happiness of longevity and Kangning. A Chinese orphan handed down from generation to generation with the perfect combination of emperor's feelings and ceramic art is unprecedented, exquisite and extremely precious.

Hulu bottle, common in Ming and Qing dynasties, implies "luck", also known as "lucky" word, implies "big lucky Italy", so it is also called "big lucky bottle". Sichuan Boguge Auction Co., Ltd. has the honor to collect this Yongzheng imperial system "Long Teng Sheng Shi Da Jizun", which is the supreme in the gourd bottle. She is not only tall and tall in shape, but also special in using the round tray under the bottle with three red Unicorn heads as foot, holding up the big gourd, expressing that the great luck of the country in the prosperous world is the Yingming of the Emperor of Too Wu. The blessings of leadership are the blessings created by the hard-working and wise subjects, and the blessings of fighting evil in town and keeping the country peaceful and the people safe forever. Yellow is the main color of the whole instrument. It shows the great grace of the Emperor and the good fortune of the world. Then it is decorated with bright tones of gold and red, blue, black, white and purple. It shows the peaceful and prosperous times such as sunshine, Buddha light, vigor and prosperity. Every time you see it, your mood is as clear as the sky, vast miles and joyful. Fine tastes, two or five claws of Golden Dragon breathe out across the sky, a red bat, cranes competing beauty, bathed in the brilliant sunshine of space, through the purple and red clouds, is not beautiful and spectacular. Although it can be seen that it is artificially depicted, but the skill is pure, not the Royal imperial master. More prominent is the carving of porcelain, especially the big red bat on the upper part of the gourd (moral: seeking great happiness for the people of the world is the highest pursuit of Yongzheng Emperor), the big dragon with two or five claws in the middle of the gourd (moral: "the real dragon emperor" is the leading core of leading the people of the world to run to heaven together), and the third representative of benevolence town to promote evil wealth under the tray. Red Kirintou (meaning: benevolent government, rule the country against evil, rich people and powerful country are the three "pillars" of creating great happiness, which are indispensable). A good three-legged tray: "round tray" for the country, "three-legged" for the pillar of the founding of the country, "three-legged" balance and coordination, stable rivers and mountains, world peace, people live and work in peace, enjoy the blessings of heaven, increase longevity, share the joy of prosperity, just like the round tray round the dream of the emperor; a good prosperity, two dragons offer treasures, she steers for the "dream" She escorted the "dream". A lot of Tenglong, Red Bat and Crane went to heaven together. She showed the happiness of life and health, which came from the joint efforts of the monarch, the subjects and the people. The artistic expression of Yongzheng imperial system is so exquisite. The three legs of the tray, with the golden red Kirin's head and tongue, are magnificent, magnificent and noble. Its craftsmanship is exquisite and it is difficult to imitate in modern times. Hulu bottle mouth along the central two flying dragons, tray edge and three feet of gold, gold on the red bottleneck, the whole device more solemn, magnificent. Throughout the history of imperial vessels, only this is respected, so it is called the bottle "Long Teng Sheng Shi Dajizun"